Breastfeeding (finally) getting some LOCAL LOVE from Long Beach newpapers

It seems media is mostly only interested in covering breastfeeding when it’s something sensational or salacious (that’s how they spin it, somehow). Take for example, back in June of this year, when local California State University of Long Beach (CSULB) graduate and mom, Karlesha Thurman, shared a photo she took of herself breastfeeding her daughter during commencement ceremonies. The photo, and her story, went viral and national faster than you can see “normalize it.” Oddly enough, local papers didn’t pick up her story. But when it rains, it pours. The last few weeks have seen breastfeeding articles in several Long Beach papers.

Latch & Link: Long Beach, and breastfeeding highlighted in several local publications? A fantastic way to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) and National Breastfeeding Month, community! What a way to show everyone that LONG BEACH BREASTFEEDS! Yeah we do. 

If you are so inclined, give these articles a “LIKE” and even better, a comment, to let the news world know that you WANT breastfeeding (positive, supportive, and evidence-based!) pieces covered! If the readers demand it, they will run ’em!

“2nd Annual Latch & Link Brings Breastfeeding Awareness to Long Beach” (Article by Asia Morris in the Long Beach Post, 07/23/14)

“162 Mothers Gather for Breastfeeding Challenge” (Article by Michelle Seibert & Ruben Diaz in the Daily 49er, 08/06/14)

“Breastfeeding the new normal? Moms hope so” (Column by Rich Archbold in the Press-Telegram, 08/17/14)

“Breastfeeding Mothers Need Support” (Op-ed piece by Christine Gibson in the Press-Telegram, 08/18/14)

Again, please “LIKE” and comment if you can!

Wouldn’t you love to see a series on breastfeeding in Long Beach – featuring our statistics, lactation professionals, and stories of local breastfeeding moms, babies, and families? We would! If we demand it, they’ll do it, it can happen!


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