Just announced – OPEN MIC for Breastfeeding Sat 10/11

It’s baaaaaaack. OPEN MIC for Breastfeeding! 

You’ve got a story. You’ve got a voice. You’ve got a community. And now, you’ve got the mic!

This will be the 3rd ever open mic focused on breastfeeding in our great city.


The 2012 Open Mic for Breastfeeding! Most of the moms & babes who participated.

(Fun fact: The idea for Latch & Link: Long Beach was born at the these Open Mics – 2011 and 2012)

What: Open Mic Night – all about Breastfeeding

When: Saturday, October 11th, 2014 7:00-10:00pm (Sign-up starts 6:45pm)

Where: Viento y Agua Coffee House – 4007 E. 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90814

Cost: Free! (But it’s nice to support breastfeeding-supportive businesses… plus their Mexican Mocha & Banana Chai Smoothie are outta control good!)

Why: WHY?! Because we need and deserve a night to go up on stage, and share our breastfeeding stories and experiences in a creative, special way. And we need and deserve to hear and support each other!

Who: YOU! Breastfeeding mothers, fathers, partners, family members.

Are kids welcome?: Always. Yes of course. However, Viento y Agua is not a huge space and it’s not ideal for a lot of kids running around.

What Else: “The Rules” – 3 minutes maximum per piece, one piece per person, please. Pieces must be about breastfeeding. Pieces must be supportive of breastfeeding – you can and should be honest, and speak your truths whatever they may be, but may not endorse formula, etc. No ugly language – racist, homophobic, violent, etc. There may be kids so probably best not to use any foul language, too.

I don’t know what to write or share: Just write something as you would a journal entry. Write a letter to your self, your body, your baby. Write lists – the best memories, the trying times, questions, mantras! Describe your breastfeeding experience in all metaphors. Nobody is judging you! A safe, supportive space for you to be honest and creative about your breastfeeding experience. We will post more writing ideas here in the coming weeks!

More info again soon. Please put this is on your calendar and don’t miss it! It’s so fun and inspiring and awesome.

Breastfeeding is a family effort and experience!

Breastfeeding is a family effort and experience!


Here is Christine Gibson reading a piece about her breastfeeding experience with her son. Christine is the co-founder of Latch & Link: Long Beach.


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