DRUMROLL…. St.Mary Medical Center is Long Beach’s first Baby-Friendly Hospital!



St.Mary Medical Center (Dignity Health) has received word back from their audit – they passed! They are now a designated BABY-FRIENDLY HOSPITAL! We couldn’t be more proud of them. Our friends in the lactation and L&D departments have worked very hard and their dedication to putting breastfeeding first is paying off.


St.Mary Medical Center (SMMC) was our gracious host for the “Share the Love” Milk Drive we organized on February 14, 2014. Together, we were able to gather over 2,000 ounces of donated breast milk for Mothers’ Milk Bank of San Jose – and they have over 9 new donors! All that milk going to preterm and critically ill NICU babies all over our state. “Mothers helping mothers nourish our neediest”  — indeed, SMMC proved their dedication to supporting our local breastfeeding community that day!


Share the Love milk drive: Celine Malanum (co-founder, Long Beach Breastfeeds), Pauline Sakamoto (executive director, Mothers’ Milk Bank, president HMBANA), Stacie Amarantos (Director of Maternal/Child Health, SMMC), Christine Gibson (advisor, Long Beach Breastfeeds).

Special high-fives and hugs to Stacie Amarantos and Theresa Brown, our dear friends at SMMC. Your hard work and big hearts are to be celebrated!

Learn more about the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative HERE

Learn more about the certifying body of the BFHI, Baby Friendly USA HERE

Hooray for St.Mary’s – hooray for breastfeeding mothers, babies, and families – hooray for Long Beach! We are well on our way to becoming the most breastfeeding-friendly city around!

*** STAY TUNED… we hope to honor SMMC at Long Beach’s annual breastfeeding community fair LATCH & LINK coming up on Saturday, 8/1/15 – save the date! ***


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