Long Beach Breastfeeding Resource Directory

FINAL_LBB Resource Directory Sum15   (PDF file)

Current listing of all resources in Long Beach, CA for breastfeeding mothers and families. Updated bi-annually only. Next edition anticipate Fall/Winter 2015.

The purpose of this document is to serve the greater community. It will always be free. Please download, print, email, post, and share widely.

(formerly known as “Long Beach Breastfeeding Resources Guide”)

Categories include:

  • Lactation Clinics – hospital
  • Lactation Clinics – other
  • Lactation Professionals – private practice/home & hospital visits
  • Breastfeeding Classes
  • Support Groups – online
  • Support Groups – local meetings
  • Breastfeeding Supplies – rental & retail
  • City of Long Beach & WIC Services
  • Local Breastfeeding Events
  • California Laws Related to Breastfeeding

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this Resource Directory, please contact us at   longbeachbreastfeeds@gmail.com

Please note you must be a certified lactation professional (CLE, CLC, CLEC, or IBCLC) if you are providing breastfeeding services. If you are a business renting or selling breastfeeding equipment and supplies, you must be breastfeeding-focused & positive – no artificial baby milk (formula) or other items contrary/detrimental to breastfeeding to be included in this directory. Thank you.


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